My story:

i GREW UP IN IOWA & immersED myself in all things creative - After studying Fashion at Iowa State, I first moved to L.A. to work in the TV/Film industry in costuming. With my eyes set on styling & my love of country music, I made my way to Music City. Nearing a decade here, I've worked in artist management & wardrobe styling, dabbling in merch design & finally launching my personal brand NASHchic….

now I focus on HELPING other creatives tell their stories through visual content!

When I'm not Working >>
I'm OUT TRYING NEW COCKTAILS//FOOD WITH cARLETON, HANGing with my galPALS, or watching Harry potter on repeat with my cat Neville (Longbottom - cuz, duh!).


trips + Concerts on the books >>

Minneapolis for Cher! - May
Harry Potter @ the Symphony - May
family wedding in Msp! - june

<< Fave song a.t.m.

If i were you - jillian jacqueline
(w/ Keith Urban)

drink of choice >>




our obnoxious but hilarious nickname :)

Carleton & i have been together 7 years & i wouldn’t be the person i am without him. he’s witty, always upbeat & incredibly driven. you may see him mentioned as @karletonkardashian on my insta - at least for now! he’s always changing his handle to something hilariously weird.


Neville longbottom

born april 4th, 2018 // adopted in august 2018


Gal pals

one of the things i’m most thankful for is my friends - i’m the luckiest!
years ago when i moved to nashville, i didn’t know anyone & i just wished everyday for solid friendships that were built on the foundation of honesty + support. These ladies inspire me & challenge me, getting me thru the ups & downs of adulting.

- speaking of, ashley (featured above) has a bomb boutique + website that you should totally check out :)